However you found your way here, we’re delighted you stopped by. Autonomic Coaching’s proven strengths are helping people experiencing chronic exhaustion, digestive problems, fatigue, hormonal imbalance or autoimmune disease and haven’t quite been able to reach their true and deserving potential.

If you’ve tried other ways to improve your health, but can’t seem to escape your rut, that’s where we can come in and work with you to give you that much-needed boost.

We identify what’s not working in your body and devise a tailored programme to super-charge you back to fitness, and health, and give you the life you’ve always wanted.

Empowering yourself to take charge of your health and vitality speaks volumes. Fad diets and workouts might have failed you in the past. Our job is to steer you on the right path towards BETTER HEALTH – WELLBEING – LIFE-LONG VITALITY

Autonomic coaching sets its understanding through evaluating highly objective diagnostics including:

Functional blood chemistry analysis

DNA analysis

Microbiome analysis

Daily autonomic coaching

Our services to you include:

Evaluation of blood markers and additional functional tests

Nutritional programming and adaptation based on biometric variables

Daily support platform

Bi-weekly biometric analysis calls

Availability of biometric analysis done every other week.

Justin Maguire

I’m a huge champion of everybody having access to the right tools to enhance their health and wellbeing. I’ve meticulously studied nutrition, biochemistry and physiology since 2005, and my thirst for knowledge has given me a springboard to bring that to the forefront of what we do, allowing me to help many people.

I’ve made it my life’s work to create tried and tested methods to counter negative beliefs around diet and health. My passion for giving people the resources to correct imbalances and even reverse the ageing process is second to none.

Through blood chemistry analysis, we’re able to highlight defects and, using both unique and effective practices, intensely work to fix problems to give our clients health and hope, fuelling their desire to live and to relight the enthusiasm that may have long since fizzled out.

Autonomic Coaching’s ethos is to heal disease that has blighted many lives so that fulfilment can be achieved in every form. We’re removing blockages and empowering others to reach out and grasp the healthy, balanced lifestyle that’s rightfully theirs.

The way in which coaching commences :

1. Complete the initial symptoms diagnostic forms (first step provision diagnostics)
2. Have a call to go over the forms once it has been analyzed. (find the booking link below)
3. Run molecular diagnostics to ascertain objective causes of imbalance biochemistry
4. Develop a full intervention protocol to address imbalances
5. During the implementation of the protocol, through coaching, weekly calls and daily WA correspondence are available to tweak any variables toward an improved outcome
6. Exercise and nutritional adaptation are also included