In an era marked by a rising prevalence of autoimmune diseases and increasing environmental toxicity, the quest for effective interventions has led to the exploration of Cepharantine (Smith et al., 2022). Derived from the Stephania plant, Cepharantine presents a multifaceted approach to address autoimmune conditions and offers broader health benefits. This article unveils the distinctive […]

Testosterone, often celebrated for its role in masculinity and vitality, extends its influence beyond muscles and energy. We’re diving into the intriguing connection between testosterone, histamine release, and the impact on the nervous system. Buckle up for a journey into the realms of mood modulation! 🚀 Testosterone & Histamine Release:Testosterone doesn’t just flex muscles; it […]

Maguire G Justin, July 2023 Intellectual capacity can be hacked! Lazar S et al ( 2020) [1] disproved Arthur Jensen’s claim that compensatory education has little impact on boosting intelligence [2] through a 296 participant RCT (randomized control trial), illustrating that prolonged intensive training in creative problem solving can in fact increase IQ! Essentially, we […]

written by    Tonia Rall “ Mindfulness is the awareness that arises by paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally” Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindsight is a term coined by Dr. David Siegal, a renowned author and pioneer in the field of mental health[i]. Mindsight is used to describe our human capacity to perceive […]

Are you suffering from persistent fatigue, digestive troubles, or a constant sense of unease? Have anxiety, irritability, and difficulty concentrating become all too familiar. Are you experiencing chronic fatigue or illness that doesn’t improve no matter what you do? Do you find yourself feeling increasingly withdrawn or disconnected? If so, you may be grappling with […]

Maguire G Justin, Nov2022. Presents Cholesterol and its influence on behaviour Introduction – historically misinformed cholesterol Cardiovascular disease has historically been associated with cholesterol, leading the public into demonizing this protective sterol, resulting in the misappropriate use of statins and fibrates[1]. Pharmacology is by no means an evil entity, and in some cases, the use […]

Maguire G Justin, July 2022. Time for another word picture that hopefully leads to some curiosity. Let’s say you, a friend, a family member or that co-worker Greg who won’t stop recommending their favourite book, is struggling with weight gain. However, it’s not just weight gain. They, or you, are just out of it. They […]

We all have had times in our lives when responsibilities pile onto responsibilities and life crises through wrenches into plans. We are living in a society where everything is becoming faster and faster and more energy is needed to catch up. How does your body do this? Your adrenal glands amp up their work by […]