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Butyrate’s role in ameliorating neurological decline

Maguire G Justin, July 2023 Intellectual capacity can be hacked! Lazar S et al ( 2020) [1] disproved Arthur Jensen’s claim that compensatory education has little impact on boosting intelligence [2] through a 296 participant RCT (randomized control trial), illustrating that prolonged intensive training in creative problem solving can in fact increase IQ! Essentially, we […]

Mindsight and mindfulness and its role in mental health     

written by    Tonia Rall “ Mindfulness is the awareness that arises by paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally” Jon Kabat-Zinn Mindsight is a term coined by Dr. David Siegal, a renowned author and pioneer in the field of mental health[i]. Mindsight is used to describe our human capacity to perceive […]

The Nervous System: A Symphony of Balance

Are you suffering from persistent fatigue, digestive troubles, or a constant sense of unease? Have anxiety, irritability, and difficulty concentrating become all too familiar. Are you experiencing chronic fatigue or illness that doesn’t improve no matter what you do? Do you find yourself feeling increasingly withdrawn or disconnected? If so, you may be grappling with […]

Cognitive enhancement peptides

  by Justin Gregory Maguire Introduction and historical relevance It was during the early days of my bodybuilding experience that I first heard about peptides, not knowing what these biological compounds were. My curiosity sparked and so began the journey into a world full of healing and performance possibilities. Peptides are by no means a […]

Dietary Recommendations Arenal restoration

Diet Whole foods Avoid alcohol Avoid all food allergens, which can weaken the system and can be an adrenal stressor Fasting and detoxification/cleansing diets should be avoided, at least initially Avoid refined sugar Adequate protein No caffeine Botanical Support Ginseng: Has steroid-like activites, can increase resistance to a whole load of stressors, can prevent shrinking […]

Dysbiosis Dietary Recommendation

Suggestions for dealing with dysbiosis: Eat two large chopped salads each day: Normal flora feed on vegetable fiber. Eating chopped salads will help normal, beneficial bacteria to thrive Chew your food thoroughly: This improves digestion, breaking down food particles and mixing them with salivary juices. The better your digestion, the easier it is to treat […]

Estrogen metabolism and its influence on behaviour.

Maguire G Justin, July 2022.  Inflammation is arguably the biggest contributing factor toward cellular ageing, yet most are unaware of how to negate excessive inflammatory outcomes within their bodies. Glycans are chain-like structures that are composed of single sugar molecules linked together by chemical bonds1, which are also associated with the early signs of age-related […]


Cholesterol and its influence on behaviour

Maguire G Justin, Nov2022. Presents Cholesterol and its influence on behaviour Introduction – historically misinformed cholesterol Cardiovascular disease has historically been associated with cholesterol, leading the public into demonizing this protective sterol, resulting in the misappropriate use of statins and fibrates[1]. Pharmacology is by no means an evil entity, and in some cases, the use […]