• Whole foods
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid all food allergens, which can weaken the system and can be an adrenal stressor
  • Fasting and detoxification/cleansing diets should be avoided, at least initially
  • Avoid refined sugar
  • Adequate protein
  • No caffeine

Botanical Support

  • Ginseng: Has steroid-like activites, can increase resistance to a whole load of stressors, can prevent shrinking of the thymus gland and can prevent adrenal hyperplasia.Can prevent adrenal atrophy in cortisone treatment
  • Licorice:It can increase cortisol half-life and is extremely useful in correcting low cortisol states, giving the adrenal gladns a rest and chance to restore. Can help prevent shrinking of the thymus and immunosuppression from the admnistratino of cortisone. May lessen the amount of cortisone needed to achieve a therapeutic effect. Dose:1/4 teaspoon of 5:1 solid extract three times/day or strong licorice tea or capsulated licorice 2 caps 3x day

Stress Management

  • Get adequate sleep. 8 hours of sleep beginning at 10p.m. is much more restoring to the adrenals than 8 hours beginning at 1.00 a.m. Nap if needed but not enough to interfere with night sleep
  • Relaxation: Breathing or skilled relaxation exercises, listen to relaxation tapes, meditate, biofeedback
  • Accept nurturing and affection
  • Laugh


  • Light to moderate exercise. Do not push yourself and begin at a level that you can handle

Natural light

  • Get outdoors into natural light as much as possible. Direct sunlight is not necessary. Natural light is essential for healthy adrenal function.
  • Use full spectrum light in the home and work area
  • Green light: Some research has come out about the benefits of green light. Obtain a Par 38 dichromatic 150-watt spot of flood green light to have as an ambient light somewhere in the home