My name is Dodge Feeler, FNP-C. I’m thrilled to share my path with you—a journey from ICU nurse to nurse practitioner, underpinned by an unwavering passion for pioneering the realms of health through biohacking, regenerative medicine, and holistic healing practices. My career has been a quest not just for healing, but for understanding the profound layers of wellness that span from traditional medicine to the avant-garde, including the role of a hair restoration surgeon and the transformative potentials of peptides and psychedelics.
Beyond my professional pursuits, my life is deeply enriched by my family. Together with my soul mate Victoria, a budding intimacy coach, and her wonderful daughter, whom I cherish and embrace as my own, we form a unit that’s committed to exploring the depths including health, spirituality, and love. Our shared journey is a living testament to the belief that true wellness encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, not just for the individual, but for the family as a whole.
Living just outside of Austin, Texas, we’ve created a sanctuary where this philosophy thrives, blending the scientific with the spiritual, and where every day is a step towards deeper understanding and connection.
In this context, while I am part of a larger collective of health professionals, my focus remains on the personal transformation and the intimate journey of health and wellness I guide my clients through. My approach is holistic, recognizing the intricate balance between physical health and emotional well-being, and I am here to share this journey with you, fueled by a passion for biohacking, a commitment to continuous learning, and a life lived in harmony with those I love most.