Always Keep Going… The Rewards WILL Come!

Occasionally, you’re left utterly in awe by someone’s strength in character and it hits you so hard it inspires you to become a better person. Their tenacity and passion stands out so boldly you can’t help but want to improve and enhance who you are.

Heather is one of those people. Her multiple health conditions had kept her shackled to a heavy anchor weighing her down and holding her back. Her commitment knew no bounds though she was never able to click with a regime that would empower her to take control of her health and life. But she never let her frustration win and kept going. That life-altering unshakeable mindset led her to our door at Autonomic Coaching.

I distinctly remember discussing Heather’s initial blood report outcomes with her, and how she had heartily embraced past efforts but the rewards would never match up with her undeniable enthusiasm. From the get-go this journey was one we were super excited to track and one we had a watchful eye on.  

It’d be a travesty to even question Heather’s desire, she’s as far from lazy as you can get. Once she began to feel an upswing with her health, her efforts accelerated. She’s a grafter, giving a natural Amazonian half the chance to live a life not completely shrouded in discomfort and pain is when you really start to see magic happen. Once the light switches on in your head and you can see visible changes, it’s all systems go. There was no way in the world Heather would ever retreat back to her old cocoon of limitations, barriers she couldn’t break, poor lifestyle, and wrecked confidence and self-esteem.

Heather NEVER let her past failures dampen her spirit, she kept her vibration high and focused on changing what was stopping her live her greatest life. She embraced everything we told and showed her and so much more. An absolute delight for people in our industry, Heather repeatedly impressed us with her approach and her aspirations to thrive and succeed.

We stood back and watched in amazement as she emerged powerfully and gracefully, never faltering. Heather conjured up extraordinary feats of accomplishment while undergoing her a health and wellbeing transformation worthy of a true winner. This wasn’t just a case of shedding weight, this was also a tough psychological battle she took on and won. To witness her confidence and self-esteem soar high was a beauty to behold.

Heather is still our client to this day, continuing to successfully battle against her autoimmunity odds. Below is a more detailed insight into Heather’s journey and how we went about helping her take control of her life.

Heather Disher

Sex: Female

Age: 51

Initial concerns

  • Energy
  • Happiness
  • Wellness
  • Body composition

The beginning of transformation – This is where we empower Heather to free herself of what’s been holding her back!

Step One – Identifying lifestyle factors contributing to poor health

Rx – medical interventions

  • Use of cortisone to treat eczema (autoimmune flares)
  • Use of aspirin to aid with commonly experienced headaches
  • Estrogen/progesterone birth control


  • Moderate sugar consumption
  • Low fast food intake
  • High dairy intake
  • Moderate refined flour intake

Step Two – Identify the symptoms relating to conditions affecting health

Outcome of Symptoms Analysis

Signs and Symptoms Analysis is an excellent tool for not only gathering initial data and current symptoms person might experience before starting the coaching program, but also for regularly re-assessing progress.

It lets us examine current diet and lifestyle aspects that may lead to poor stress balance and its effect on endocrine and organ function through common-related signs and symptoms you might experience on the regular basis. It can serve as the early warning tool and also allow to develop more effective nutritional and stress management strategies to improve performance and well-being.

Based on your current overall diet, lifestyle and signs and symptoms, your disease risk is


Priority areas from outcome of symptoms analysis:

1. Hypochlorhydria
2. Liver and gallbladder
3. Small intestine
4. Mineral needs
5. Essential fatty acid needs

Initial overall review prior to commencing Health Transformation Protocol

Client presented with past complication of digestive dysfunction, contributing toward present susceptibility to allergies and immune complication. Initial conversation brought attention to current hormone replacement therapy and possible link to hyper adrenal activity. Symptoms analysis has shown compromise to exist in multiple systems most notably associations within the GI tracts capacity to assimilate nutrients.

Further review into blood chemistry analysis provided further evidence of compromise in systems relating to both hormonal and digestive function, both impacting overall immunity. Additional strain has also been noted on the supportive organs of the GI system including the pancreas and liver.

Coaching tools used during application of health transformation

  • Biometric evaluation forms a vital part of the health transformation journey within Autonomic Coaching, to find out more about what each metric depicts please visit this link
  • Mindset coaching, using tools such as NLP (neurolinguistics programming), Heather embarked on a journey to set the mind into a state of full manifestation of the goals she achieved.
  • Medical review, combining the power of alternative medicine with mainstream western medicine allowed Heather the opportunity to incorporate the use of allopathy to ease the transition into full natural healing. Essentially AC believes that drugs are not the solution, but in certain circumstances, they provide the right boost to give natural remedy the opportunity to take hold and encourage dramatic health improvement.
  • Functional medicine and nutritional programming, incorporated through the outcome of both subjective and objective findings, both of which directed efforts to support the experience all the while healing the underlying cause.

Outcomes – Results

  • Energy

Before coming to us, Heather was afraid to push through exercise boundaries, not because she didn’t want to, she was scared her eczema would flare up.  Three months in and things looked totally different. Heather found herself blasting through 10km runs in record times. Flare- ups became less frequent and her fitness skyrocketed along with a thirst for smashing her personal bests.

  • Happiness

In the video testimonial it’s so easy to see that Heather is simply happier, she’s rid herself of damaging limitations, by eliminating congestion in our body we say goodbye to disease.

  • Wellness

By comparing blood reports, there’s dramatic improvement achieved through multiple blood markers and the relation they have to specific physiological systems. Not only has Heathers chemistry improved but so too have her symptoms reduced, considerably lowering the risk of disease (from a subjective point of view).

  • Body Composition

With a reduction of 11kg and 9% body fat, Heather is not only leaner but far less inflamed, reducing the dreaded eczema outbreaks she’d feared would never let up.

Changes to Biometrics

Starting Averages

  • Fasting blood glucose = 5.79
  • R Pulse rate = 71.07
  • Temperature = 34.86

Ending Averages

  • Fasting blood glucose = 5.8
  • R Pulse rate = 64.4
  • Temperature = 35.14

Although glucose averages are still being supported toward complete improvement, nonetheless both biometrics related to thyroid and adrenal status have dramatically improved, thus efforts to support main dysfunction has been met.

Changes to Composition

Starting averages

  • Body weight = 90.6kg
  • Body fat % = 47.9%

Ending averages

  • Body weight = 79.8kg
  • Body Fat % = 41%

*all composition assessments conducted using InBody 720 scanner,accurate%20when%20compared%20against%20DEXA

Changes to Blood chemistry Analysis

01 July 2020

15 October 2020

9 February 2021

We’re determined to collectively kick Heather’s eczema into touch and we knew it’ll happen soon enough. As the evidence stacks up that outbreaks are certainly fewer and far between, her outlook has been astonishing. To think where she was when she first embarked on her journey with us, we’re immensely proud and consider her a true ambassador for the work we do, and a wonderful transformation has occurred. No longer does she hide away, she holds her head high. Her accomplishments continue to reward us and we’re always wondering what she’ll do next that will be inspiring, motivating, and downright captivating! Never let anyone tell you your limits – Heather is definitely someone who’d wholeheartedly agree with that.