With a coaching methodology rooted in ancient wisdom and cutting-edge science, I embarked on my health journey at a young age to understand and maximize my potential. Through incremental learning and self-discovery, I have taken control of my own path, which now shapes my coaching practice.

My formal studies and training in nutrition, personal training, physiotherapy, ayurvedic medicine, and meditational techniques are complemented by my unique experiences travelling to remote places in the Himalayas. Experimenting with my body and mind’s response to extreme altitude stressors, I constantly evolve my knowledge as a practitioner.

Having a deep personal understanding of the challenges of big city life and the complex needs of high-performing individuals with demanding lifestyles, I have successfully worked with thousands of individuals from the corporate world, sports, film, and fashion industries for over 15 years. By tailoring solutions that address chronic health conditions from their root, I optimize physical health and resilience to enhance mental clarity and cognition.