No not a profane word but rather a reaction within our genetic code that enables our bodies to become less efficient in controlling our aesthetics and physical performance. Genes have been a hot topic for decades and rightfully so, the very coding which makes a person unique dictates ones ability to handle various types and amounts of stress. In the quest to look good and feel great it could not be of more importance than to take on board the important genetic and neurological factors may have on our bodies.

Hypertonicity is a word that describes an overactive state of muscle tissue. Continually contracting muscle can truly be exhausting let alone debilitating, thus when we are in a state of hypertonicity one may notice a state of not only physical fatigue but psychological exhaustion as well. Causes of hypertonic muscle tissue vary from overtraining, malabsorption of nutrients and various disease that cause our brains to lose their appropriate mind-body connection.

The mind is our central processing unit that controls everything within our physiology, and so to alleviate issues of hypertonicity one needs to look to ways in which we can reduce a stressed neurology. Homocysteine is a metabolite necessary for certain pro-flammatory functions in the body, which in the correct amount can actually lead to improved androgen profile and recovery. However large values of homocysteine lead to physiological stress, elevating our inflammation and impairing our metabolic capacity to detoxify and assimilate nutrients. Homocysteine increases due to multiple factors most notably an overconsumption of methionine without the needed consumption of essential b-vitamins.

For a few, however, even with a balanced protein diet, a certain genetic flaw can cause poor levels of active folate in our bodies. Folate or 5-MTHF (bioactive form of folate) is highly responsible for the conversion of methionine into cysteine which aids an increase of glutathione (major anti-oxidant) in our bodies. When our ability to metabolise methionine impairs not only do we increase pro-flammatory levels of homocysteine but we too decrease the concentration of glutathione in our liver. Glutathione is our primary detoxification aid for environmental pollution, reduced glutathione only impairs the ability to metabolise toxins creating to a state of intoxication and subsequent poor health.

Technology has now made testing certain limitations possible, and with testing, we can understand variables that can be altered to optimise our health and performance. Blood tests can detect homocysteine and any polymorphism of the MTHFR C677T gene. Once detected strategies of supplemental intervention along with dietary implementation can create a difference in our metabolic capacity to actively metabolise and assimilate elements vital to our optimal existence. Exercise is healthy and benefits one’s body and mind if executed within correct parameters. Understanding your physiological limitations has become even more possible by implementing testing strategies such as fasted glucose levels and heart rate variability. Through the insight of our glucose management and synaptic output we can now develop and refine our exercise strategy to fall in line with what we can handle, this would lead to far reduced potential for hypertonicity and impaired proprioceptive response. Health is measurable in the modern day world.

Take the initiative to educate yourself into a strategy which can alter the way in which you stress and cope with stress imposed on your body. Nutrition is vital to life, through the correct type of diet strategy you can cope with debilitating inflammation and potentially even optimise your recovery and mental clarity. Take the limitations of the unknown out our your individual equation and set a formula that is set to deliver results, health and most importantly happiness.