Is GlycanAge for you?

GlycanAge reveals the age of your immune system. Self-knowledge inspires change – it’s time you take control of your health.

GlycanAge is perfect if you are:

Making lifestyle improvements

You are starting to make lifestyle improvements and looking to take a preventative approach to your health.

Interested in ageing well

You care about ageing well and staying healthy and want to measure your progress in doing so.

Bouncing back

Bouncing back from stress of a major life event such as the loss of a loved one, a divorce or illness.

Measuring fitness recovery

You care about your body and your fitness, and want to measure the effectiveness of your workouts.

Simply hungry for science

You want to know more about what your glycans say about your lifestyle choices.

Looking to compare results

You are looking to compare results with close friends or family

Contact the team to get your test now

Contact the team to get your test now