New Years anti-resolution

New Years anti-resolution

Every year we think of what we are lacking in our lives, enabling us to make a New Year’s resolution to set things right. The truth, however, is that only 8% of the western world’s population ever accomplish their New Year’s resolutions. Why is this trend so negative and so counter-productive for accomplishing positive change in our lives?  Subconscious thoughts and feelings can drive your emotional state to that of enthusiasm or disbelief. If we are taught that our possibilities are limited, eventually our effort will reflect the outcome of our thinking.

With an ever-growing abundance of doubt surrounding our capacity to achieve greatness, no wonder we continue to fail at achieving our goals or targets. In order to break the trend of setting failed objectives, we need to look towards a strategy that will enable our minds to respond to our environment. Once we are aware of what variables can be influenced toward achieving a positive outcome then we will be in a place to achieve not only the new year’s  six-pack but other greater areas of interest too. Empowerment is a clever game of changing your negative perception of reality.

Below are three points or habits we can incorporate into our lifestyle to influence responsible change:

  1. The brain operates highly on Gamma-wave activity during the initial wake cycle; as we become more aware, our concentration and focus on the environment shifts to a Beta wave alertness. During sleep, our brain wave activity is in a heightened state of Theta wave activity. The input of positive reinforcement in the first 30min of your day when your mind is in the transition from a more calm Theta state to a heightened Beta state makes it easier to shift your focus toward believing in your potential. For example, when you next wake up, instead of focusing on the stiff rigidity of your body, put your headphones on and listen a to an empowering podcast that will promote positive feelings of potential and change.
  2. During sleep our subconscious is in a state of Theta wave dominance. In this state, we are highly subjective and reflect on the thoughts and feelings we had of ourselves during the course of the day. To set a more productive and positive influence to your mind, end your day with acknowledgement of what you were able to accomplish, not what you failed to deliver. Reading a book that influences your state of mind to a positive subjective state rather than judgemental objective reasoning may help to redirect your focus toward what you are capable of doing rather than what you have little control over.
  3. Take the time to breathe. Often we are caught up in a to do list that is never-ending and potentially exhausting. Life has only one finish line and none of us should sprint towards it. Stepping out of the stress of your career and into a sanctuary of quiet calm can truly give you the energy and change of perspective you need to get the task done. Take a break, have a breath and forget the list of unrewarding responsibilities that only weigh you down with negative emotion.

All it takes is a positive reinforcement of what we are capable of doing to set the motion towards greater change and accomplishment. 2020 is a few weeks away and with it will come a new set of seasons and unexpected events. Rather than focus on what you have not been able to do, try creating something you want. Shift your focus to what you have done successfully in the past. Let the next few days create a greater awareness of the beauty that is your existence and the potential you have always had within.