My band were about to release an album and I had a run of promotion coming up. I had 4 weeks. Hardly worth it I thought. Yet I made more noticeable improvements with Justin IN 4 weeks than I had made in years at the gym. I was blown away by the knowledge and application of skills. I was doing things I didn’t think I was capable of and actually enjoying it!

When I come off tour I cannot wait to get started on the next chapter of training with Justin.
Justin is different than the rest. He is better.

The experience I had at the Hypertophy/Fat Loss week is one that I’ll always see as a fantastic time with a long lasting impact on my career. The level of knowledge and the passion for teaching by Justin, Chris and the gang was inspiring to say the least. The information received on training and nutrition was relevant and communicated clearly in ways which made it very understandable even though I knew very little on a lot of the topics at the beginning of the week. The most important aspect of the course was that all I learnt I have been able to apply to my clients with great success within days of finishing the course. I would highly recommend Justin and his team to all personal trainers as being educated by them is an experience not to be missed.

I started training with Justin 12 weeks before my oldest friends wedding after always being fit and healthy, 5 years of serious injury and a stressful job had taken its toll. In 12 weeks I lost 2 1/2 stone and circa 10% body fat more importantly I was loving training again !! Justin changed the routine every few weeks keeping it fresh and pushing me through my fear of aggravating an injury or causing another one. He was always able to know when to push and when to  …… push gently. He was always able to explain why and answer questions, be it on diet or exercise. Justin is the best. Full stop. His goals are aligned to yours and if you are motivated and willing to put the hard work in he will match it and then some! Bring on the next 12 weeks.

When you train with Justin you not only get fit but you also learn. You learn about you posture, to get the best effect from exercises, you learn about nutrition, to get the best from the food you eat, and you learn about concentration, to improve your performance. This holistic approach improved my fitness, boosted my confidence and and energy levels and, perhaps more importantly, also helped me to have a more positive outlook in my daily life.