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The Banner Mentorship Program

Knowledge is power and with great power comes great opportunity to change lives and develop world-renowned transformations. The Banner Mentorship program will start a whole new paradigm of understanding

Trusted By These Brands And Influencers To Get The Results They Want!

Course Modules

  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Muscle Tension
  • Perception and Orchestration
  • Hormones
  • Neurotransmitters and the immune system
  • Inhibition vs facilitation: A cellular response
  • Neural Plasticity
  • Cellular permeability
  • Bio-Tensegrity
  • Cerebral asymmetry
  • The Autonomic nervous system
  • Anatomy Trains
  • Blood glucose regulation in the brain

Course Feedback

Past students said….

The Course Combines 12 Modules that will change your

understanding of the human body

Meet Your Specialist Coach

Your Coach Justin Maguire

Since 2007 Justin has coached trainers, athletes and therapists within the art of molecular health. Having helped more than a thousand people during his career, the time has come to share intricate knowledge with other passionate coaches, therapists and health enthusiasts alike.

The Banner Mentorship is the culmination of years of research and practical application; knowledge which has accelerated countless transformations and health renewals over Justin’s career. The time has now come to share this knowledge through the Banner Mentorship!

This is an opportunity within which a vast exploration of the human body will be undertaken, explored, and understood; providing an opportunity for precise and calculated application.

Results within health renewal are derived through understanding all the elements one may be struggling with. Incorporating a multi-dynamic thought process into your thinking provides you with greater certainty and diversity in approaching a problem with a holistic solution. After all, lateral thinking is what births innovation, which in turn directs our continued evolution in health optimisation.

Justin Maguire

Integrative Health Practitioner

Certificate of Achievement

Each person who chooses to successfully complete The Banner Mentorship, including successful completion of all exams, will receive a “Certificate of Achievement.

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Will you join us on a journey that hundreds of people just like you have undertaken with great success through our unique method and incredible support?

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