“The correlation between Leptin and obesity, weight management.

In 2016 a study was conducted on ‘The biggest losers’ show, where contestants were tested for the long
term effects of fast weight loss. The study showed that losing large amounts of fat within a short period
of time increased their resistance to Leptin by twenty fold. The long term effect was still prevalent six
years later when they tested the contestants again, with only slightly decreased Leptin resistance.

Leptin resistance can be caused by inflammation, free fatty acids and high levels of leptin. Autonomic
coaching takes these factors into account and in result does various comprehensive blood analysis and
functional tests. We know that a balanced combination of physical, metal and biochemical interventions
are needed to reverse Leptin resistance.

In obese people it is found that their hypothalamus does not receive the Leptin signal from the fat cells
to inform the brain that they are full. We call them Leptin resistant. In 1994 Friedman et al discovered
Leptin. Leptin is known as the satiety hormone. When Leptin is not metabolically functional and your
body is in a state of being Leptin resistant, your body will feel the need to continue eating eating as the
body is in a signaled state of starvation. When this happens your brain will release signals for your body
to store fat and produce Ghrelin (known as the hunger hormone). In this state of perceived starvation
the body will burn fewer calories to conserve energy. Leptins main function is to produce a homeostatic
environment for calories burnt and fat that is stored, according to the body’s needs.

So what is the problem? Since we have established the role of Leptin within the body, we are aware that
this hormone is carried by means of the bloodstream to the hypothalamus so it can signal the body to
burn more calories and consume less calories. This metabolic system is dysfunctional in most people
suffering from obesity.

Have you ever judged someone with obesity? This article might change the way you view and obese
person. Ehen it comes to keeping the weight off it is a tough fight for people who are Leptin resistant. It
is therefore imperative that one is attentive to what foods you consume, not only in terms of the caloric
substance but also in terms of the nutrients that it contains. Sleep deprivation has been found to
increase Ghrelin levels whilst causing Leptin levels to fall, leading to hunger.

Apart from the effect on your weight, when your body becomes Leptin resistant it can lead to cascades
of other metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance and dyslipidemia. Considering the, both,
functional and anatomical relationships that exist between lymphoid cells and adipocytes it has been
found to be likely that Leptin affects the neuroendocrine system as well as the immune system. The

combination of lymphoid tissues such as omentrum, bone marrow, thymus and lymph nodes is
morphologically associated with dipose tissue. Fat deposits display structural metabolic and heat
insulating functions, it also provides a microenvironment conductive for the supporting responses.

There are pre-emptive methods to reducing the risk for Leptin resistance. Avoiding high spikes of Leptin;
which would be mainly caused by high fructose diets. As the sugar is metabolized within your fat cells,
the fat cells release these surges of Leptin. This diet would be the same type that increases
inflammation. Processed foods and grans are a higher risk for Leptin resistance as well. Having an
understanding around Leptin resistance along with factors and struggles you are now aware of the risks
and influences regarding this. Autonomic Coaching is capable of helping you find the right steps and
changes toward your goals in alignment with your body health specifics.

Instead of fighting to tip the scales, shift your focus toward the maintenance of your health and weight.
This way your body is given a fair chance to progress toward a homeostatic health and weight where it is
not pushing back the extremes that you challenge it to. On the Huffpost it is referenced in a very
practical comparison, by Roseberry, that states that having thermometers temperature to high
(compared to weight) it would run the risk of that temperature becoming the new norm, where as the
temperature (weight) dropping too low would produce a counter effect by trying to raise the

Now you know: Obesity is a metabolic related syndrome. Strive to get to where you want to be based on
health optimized thinking, rather than extremity and speed. Prioritize good sleep and be aware of what
goes into your body (nutrients). Remember the importance of these things in relation to your Leptin

Charissa McGrath

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