Justin Maguire

No more doubt, regret or confusion! Exercise is an expression of life whereby all elements become better. Everyone goes through a moment in life whereby you have simply just have had enough drama, insecurity, simply a poor quality of life!
Change is possible when we free ourselves from the notion of tomorrow and decide to take action in the presence of today. Life is not always easy but its easier to take the hardship of one day than the hardship of an ‘easy’ life.

Every client I have ever coached shares one commonality: the need for change! There are always challenges that stop us from becoming whom we are meant to be, however through the support of pure intention we are able to transcend into a higher state of kindness toward ourselves and others. I was blessed with the concept of the Gamma Project through my own times of troubled mind, during which a guiding compass of calm manifested in the production of the Gamma Project. I wish to share with others what we essentially deserve, a calm and peaceful existence, one that is separate from doubt yet calm and confident in presence. I give you all The Gamma Project.